Star Wars: TOR Throws In The Intergalactic Kitchen Sink
It's no secret that Star Wars: The Old Republic subscriptions have declined heavily since its holiday launch, but that topic obviously wasn't mentioned at EA's E3 press conference. Instead, BioWare's Dr. Ray Muzyka took to the stage with sunny launch numbers and promises of content to come.

Most interesting to people who have been interested in trying out the game commitment-free is the announcement that it will be free to play until level 15 starting in July. There will also be several new pieces of content added to the game in the near future, including new companions, an addition to the player's personal story set on the new planet of Makeb, the ability to play as a feline Cathar, and other new challenges like player versus player warzones and operations (TOR's version of a group dungeon). There were no exact dates given for this new content, nor do we know if it's coming in a single patch or a series of smaller patches.

By Becky Cunningham

06/04/2012 02:26PM


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