Nintendo Announces Wii Fit U, Sing
Nintendo has announced that the next-gen sequel to Wii Fit, the appropriately-titled Wii Fit U, will be coming to Wii U. The news shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering the original Wii Fit continues to be a smashing success, having sold over 43 million units since its 2007 launch.

The fitness game will feature some special functionality with the Wii U controller, as the tablet served as a sort of speedometer in the demo video Nintendo showed during their E3 presser. Other than that, it appears to be the same old Wii Fit experience.

Nintendo will also be bringing music games to the Wii U, as they have announced Sing (currently the working title), a karaoke and dance game that utilizes the tablet controller by showing the lyrics to any particular song while the song is playing, among other expected features.

No release date or launch specifics have been given for either game, but yeah, it's more music and fitness games, so we all know what to expect by now.

By Jeff Dunn

06/05/2012 11:25AM


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