New Super Mario Brothers U, NintendoLand Unveiled
During its E3 press conference, Nintendo announced two new first-party titles for the Wii U: New Super Mario Brothers U and a mini-game collection entitled Nintendo Land.

The newly-announced New Super Mario Bros U can be transferred from the television to the Wii U GamePad. The game will allow up to four players, with the GamePad player able to assist assist the other players by doing things like adding blocks and platforms. Miiverse compatibility was showcased too, which allows players to play as their own Mii characters.

NintendoLand, which launches alongside the Wii U this holiday, was announced by one of the platform's software producers, Katsuya Eguchi. The game pools together twelve different franchises in themed mini-games including Takamaru, the Legend of Zelda Battle and Donkey Kong's Crash Course. MiiVerse integration is also included in this Wii U exclusive, though few details were given. Nintendo will display the game more thoroughly during a roundtable discussion tonight.

By Zak Islam

06/05/2012 11:32AM


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