Sony Tests The Vocaloid Waters At E3
Sharp-eyed journalists have spotted a strange sight on the E3 show floor. Tucked away in the corner of Sony's booth is a single demo unit for Sega's Project Diva F game, starring Vocaloid performer Hatsune Miku. Vocaloid singing performances are artificially created using a synthisizer of the same name, and are particularly popular in Japan, enough so that Hatsune Miku has actually put on public concerts combining her animated form with her synthesized singing.

Now Sega and Sony are testing the waters of Vocaloid in North America, placing the unlocalized Project Diva F game in Sony's booth to see how players respond to the game. In itself, it's a fairly simple rhythm game, but will the artificial singing of a blue-haired anime girl capture the attention of journalists? I suppose that entirely synthetic vocals aren't too far off from what American pop stars have been doing with their own voices lately, so you never know. Vocaloid just might catch on here.

By Becky Cunningham

06/05/2012 03:02PM


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