Overkill’s Left 4 Dead Prequel Appears To Be Real
A while back, we heard word that PAYDAY: The Heist creator Overkill Software was working in conjunction with Valve to create some sort of Left 4 Dead-related project. Then Valve assured us Overkill was still working on PAYDAY: The Heist and not any new IP. Many took this as a sign that the Left 4 Dead project was just a rumor.

Then again, it’s probably just a sign that Valve is good at choosing its words. Especially with the new trailer that just popped up on Overkill’s YouTube channel, showing a PAYDAY mission that takes place in Left 4 Dead’s Mercy Hospital.

The showcased gameplay seems to involve a group of thieves looking to steal the blood of a patient in quarantine. I’d put my money on that patient being zombie patient zero. Unfortunately, the cops get involved, which then leads to a massive power outage and a thrilling shootout. I’d also put my money on this shootout causing the initial spread of the virus.

Now, some would say this is nothing more than a simple coincidence, however a voice at the end of the trailer clearly says the phrase, “You’re left for dead.” That, along with the Valve logo in the trailer, makes this seem more plausible than most rumors. The YouTube video has since been taken down, but plenty of other people have already snagged it and re-uploaded it.

By Angelo M. D'Argenio

06/15/2012 07:08PM


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