Twenty Bucks Gets You Into DUST 514's Beta
DUST 514, the EVE tie-in shooter that fans of economics and guns have been eagerly awaiting, still doesn’t have a release date. However, it has recently gone into closed beta, allowing a select few to try the game out. Who are that select few? Anyone who has twenty dollars to burn.

Yes, CCP recently announced the DUST 514 “Mercenary Pack.” This twenty-dollar pack not only gives you a bunch of exclusive guns and some early XP bonuses, it also allows you to access the games early closed beta… right now! The pack also includes twenty dollars’ worth of in-game currency to get you started.

DUST is essentially a free-to-play game, but there’s no telling when the free-to-play masses will be able to play it. If you really want to check out the game early, then you might as well drop the twenty dollars for the Mercenary Pack. The pack will be available today, when the PSN updates, so get those trigger fingers ready.

Oddly enough, the Mercenary Pack is quite similar to the original pricing plan for DUST 514 which stated you’d pay a cover charge to get in and then would receive some in-game currency and bonuses to get you started. This pricing scheme was abandoned when the game went free to play, but it appears as if it’s been shifted over to the beta.

Get more info in our hands-on preview.

By Angelo M. D'Argenio

06/26/2012 10:23AM


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