Buyable Skins Coming To Minecraft For Xbox 360
Looking to throw on some new Minecraft duds? Well, if you’re an avid user of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, then you are in luck. Skin Pack 1 is coming soon, and it will include a number of XBLA-themed avatar skins.

There are skins for ‘Splosion Man, the guy from Trials HD, and a covenant grunt. In addition, a generic king skin and a creeper skin have also been unveiled. New skins will coming in the future, but the development team did not say which ones or when.

The upcoming update 1.7.3 will also allow players to choose from the eight skins the game ships with, rather than being randomly assigned one. Skin Pack 1, however, will be purchasable DLC. The team will most likely reveal what other skins will be included in the pack as we get closer to its release date, which the team has not net revealed.

By Angelo M. D'Argenio

07/05/2012 10:27AM


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