Sony Announces Resistance Collection
The Resistance Collection

Sony has announced another PS3 collection in the form of Insomniac Games’ Resistance franchise.

The Resistance Collection will include all three of the main installments stemming from the long-running PlayStation 3 series: Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, and Resistance 3.

In addition to the aforementioned iterations, you’ll also receive extra bonus downloadable content for both Resistance 2 and Resistance 3, which includes the Aftermath Pack and skin bundle from Resistance 2, as well as the Brutality and Survival Packs from Resistance 3.

Sony has attached a budget price of $39.99 on the collection, with a release due sometime during the winter. An exact release date will be announced in the coming weeks.

Developer Insomniac Games, meanwhile, has strayed away from the Resistance franchise, instead working on multiplatform title Fuse (formerly known as Overstrike).

by Zak Islam
10/05/2012 09:30AM


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