Dead Space 3 Limited Edition Bonuses Revealed
Dead Space 3

A new trailer has revealed the goodies that players will receive if they pre-order the Limited Edition of the upcoming Dead Space 3.

First up is the “Witness the Truth” bundle. That’ll include a special, graffiti-adorned Witness Suit as well as the Evangelizer weapon, which is a hybrid between an assault rifle and a shotgun.

The second DLC bonus pack comes with the First Contact Suit, which is said to be built for “long-term space exposure,” and the Negotiator, which is a Tesla-powered gun that specializes in “organic tissue dismemberment.” You see, it “negotiates” by killing stuff. Get it? Never mind.

 Dead Space 3 will be out next February for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


by Jeff Dunn
10/17/2012 02:25PM


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