Gears of War: Judgment Pre-Orders Are Live
Gears of War: Judgement

Upcoming shooter prequel Gears of War: Judgment is officially available for pre-orders at participating retailers, developer Epic Games has announced.

Slap down a pre-order for Judgment and you’ll receive the Classic Hammerburst, a six-shot weapon that can be used exclusively in multiplayer modes.

Epic has also hinted that “additional incentives will be available from participating retailers in the coming weeks,” which will include various multiplayer character skins. So far, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and all the other usual suspects have the game ready for pre-order online right now, although only Amazon has a retailer-specific bonus at the moment. Ordering there will net you the “Young Dom” multiplayer skin.

Gears of War: Judgment is out March 19, 2013 for Xbox 360.

Source: Epic Games

by Jeff Dunn
11/07/2012 02:10PM


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