Japanese Vita Sales Exceed Wii U Sales
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Neither the Vita nor the Wii U have been selling very well. Both suffer from a weak lineup of games, so it’s hard to justify the price. Nintendo and Sony are, of course, pushing both consoles as hard as they can, with the Vita gaining extra connectivity with the PS4, and the Wii U promising many new titles in the near future.

Well, either the Wii U is becoming less popular or the Vita is getting a bump because Wii U sales have fallen behind Vita sales in Japan. According to Media Create, the Wii U sold 9533 units last week while the Vita sold 11,456. It was announced recently that the Vita would receive a price cut in Japanese territories, so that probably had something to do with it.


Nonetheless, this is still bottom of the barrel in terms of Japanese console sales. The PlayStation 3, a console nearing the end of its life cycle, sold 18,529 units, and the 3DS blew everyone out of the water with 74,729 units.

Of course, both companies are sure to have tons of surprises for us waiting at this year’s E3. Perhaps both consoles will get a boost in sales.

Source: Media Create via Eurogamer

by Angelo D'Argenio
02/27/2013 10:50AM


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