New Grand Theft Auto V Screens Revealed
Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar has revealed a collection of new Grand Theft Auto V screens. But what can they tell us about the upcoming title? Well let’s take a look.

The first is a picture of a Coney Island-style pier in the middle of a storm. A lightning bolt is streaking across the background and waves are crashing against the pier itself. Perhaps natural disasters will play into the game somehow? Or perhaps you will just have a couple of shady, amusement park missions.

Some of the images show of the game’s faux California cityscape, while others are dedicated to the mountainous backcountry. Obviously, the litany of vehicles that are available in GTA V will be well worn by the time that we’re done traveling across the massive world. 

Scuba suits, sharks, boats and small submersible vehicles also made their way into some of the images. It looks like much of the plot might be set on or under the water.

Speaking of new missions, several pictures show off aerial missions such as skydiving and flying a helicopter. Other screens show what appear to be race scenes, motorcycle chase scenes, and more. However, the coolest picture shows a man in a bandanna holding a mini-gun as the world burns down around him. More proof that Rockstar is, literally, bringing out the big guns.

GTAV is due for release on the September 17th 2013. Hopwfully these images will tide you over:



by Angelo D'Argenio
03/27/2013 07:45PM


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