RUMOR: Rocksteady Showing Off Classic Batman At E3
Batman: Arkham City


E3 is only a few months away and rumors and speculation are already flying high. The latest comes out of Rocksteady, known for the shockingly stellar Batman: Arkham Asylum and its sublime sequel, Batman: Arkham City. According to the latest, the house that Batman built may taking us back with their next project, back to the days of Batman’s humble beginnings.

Batman: Arkham Origins is the speculative title for an as-of-yet unconfirmed game that may be at work within Rocksteady. The rumor goes that Origins will turn back the clock to the 50s or 60s, a time most closely associated with the golden age of comics and Adam West’s portrayal of Batman. Interestingly, speculation includes the suspicion that the story will feature more members of the Justice League than just the caped crusader and his red-clad cohort.


If this is real, it will be interesting to see how the earlier time period affects Batman’s loadouts, which have been incredibly high tech in the previous Arkham games. It wouldn’t be the first series to take away some of its hero’s most popular tools in a prequel, though, with Metal Gear Solid 3 immediately jumping to mind.

Rumors further peg the title as a next-gen entry in the series, though it wouldn’t do to count the current generation of consoles out yet.

Source: Pixel Enemy

by Shelby Reiches
03/28/2013 04:45PM


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