Blizzard Buys IGN Pro League


Today, Blizzard Entertainment announced that they have purchased the IGN Pro League, and have hired some members of the former IPL staff. The report, which comes from GameSpot, also indicates that the operation will now be centralized in San Fransisco. The team’s purpose will be to create high quality web/mobile content to support the various Blizzard games, but they’ll also be working with Blizzard’s eSports team.

Blizzard isn’t a stranger to the eSports movement. StarCraft II has a huge presence and rumors are suggesting that Project Titan will as well.


The IPL brand, though, is dead. This means that there will be no more IPL tournaments for StarCraft II, League of Legends, or Shootmania.

So long, IGN Pro League. Hello…Blizzard Pro League? I’m sure we’ll hear plenty of details in the future. Probably not the near future, though. This is Blizzard after all. 

by Jake Valentine
04/09/2013 04:55PM


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