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07/07/2015 - Sega Believes it Has Betrayed it’s Fans

Knows it is selling games on reputation and not quality.

07/07/2015 - Tackle Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward's Alexander Raid Today

Enter Alexander in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward for fun times!

07/07/2015 - Go on a Journey again on Your PS4

Climb that mountain again, now that Journey is coming to the PS4.

07/07/2015 - Stone Cold Steve Austin Steals the Coveted WWE 2K16 Cover

Stone Cold is keeping the WWE 2K16 cover cooler than cool.

07/07/2015 - The Order: 1886 permanently $39.99

Get yourself in order and pick up The Order: 1886 for $40.

07/07/2015 - Yarn Yoshi amiibo Pre-orders Open at Play-Asia

If you're willing to import, you can snag a Yarn Yoshi amiibo.

07/07/2015 - Look Upon the Money PewDiePie Makes and Despair

Youtuber takes home more money than you or me.

07/07/2015 - Until Dawn Will Feature Multiplayer Mode

One of the first cinematic multiplayer games announced.

07/06/2015 - Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is the new Summer of Arcade

We'll know how "ultimate" Microsoft's Xbox Ultimate Game Sale will be starting tomorrow.

07/06/2015 - Square Enix Bringing Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy to SDCC 2015

Maybe not the DQ and Final Fantasy you're looking for, though.

07/06/2015 - Savor 5 Seconds of the Next Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Trailer

You haven't had enough Snake in your life today. Watch five seconds of him on a Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain title screen.

07/06/2015 - Dragon Quest VII and VIII may Venture Outside Japan

Dragon Quest VII and VIII may be rising up to roar, according to Yuji Horii.

07/06/2015 - Solve Puzzles on the Red Planet in Zero Escape 3

There's no escaping another installment in the 999 and Virtue's Last Reward series.

07/02/2015 - Uncharted 4's Single Player Stuck at 30fps

The single player mode of Uncharted 4 won't venture beyond 30fps.

07/02/2015 - Tales of Symphonia to Make Sweet JRPG Music on PC

Hear that sound? It's the soft, lilting tone letting you know Tales of Symphonia HD is coming to Steam.

07/02/2015 - Project X Zone 2 Crossing our Paths in 2016, not 2015

Project X Zone 2 is taking its time when it comes to crossing the ocean and leaving Japan.

07/02/2015 - Juice up July with Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is getting a monsterous, free DLC update on July 3, 2015.

07/02/2015 - Ultra Street Fighter IV is EVO 2015's Most Popular Game

It looks like Ryu could be EVO 2015's "champion."

07/02/2015 - This Week's Free Witcher 3 DLC

Free Witcher 3 DLC - come and get it!

07/02/2015 - Mafia 3 Domain Registered

A third Mafia title may be on the way.

07/02/2015 - Apple Removes Games That Feature Confederate Flag

Games are once again in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

07/02/2015 - Disgaea 5 Release Date Announced

Hundreds of prinny-tossing hours await.

07/01/2015 - Skullgirls 2nd Encore on PS4s on 7/7

Skullgirls 2nd Encore will be on PS4s next week, with the Vita version following in about a month.

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