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05/25/2018 - Madden NFL 19 Coming in August 2018

Madden 19 has been bumped up to a Summer 2018 release, and Terrell Owens is on at least one of the covers.

05/25/2018 - Apple Rejects Valve’s Steam Link iOS App

Steam Link isn't happening on iOS, after Apple rejected it twice.

05/25/2018 - School Shooting Game Appears on Steam, Controversy Ensues

A school shooting SWAT simulator has been listed for release on Steam, because of course it was.

05/25/2018 - EA Confirms Battlefield V Has a Premium Currency

Battlefield V will definitely have a premium currency used for cosmetic items.

05/25/2018 - Far Cry 5 Expansion Will Release on June 5, 2018

It's looking like the Far Cry 5 expansions will be a far cry from the normal game, starting with one set in Vietnam next month.

05/25/2018 - Kids on YouTube Stealing Parent's Money for Fortnite V-Bucks

Please, kids, don't steal money from your parents. Please, parents, ground your kids if they steal money from you.

05/25/2018 - Dark Souls Remastered Hacker Hacks Early Steam Release

This Dark Souls: Remastered hacker can mess up a player's character so bad, they're better off just restarting.

05/25/2018 - Fortnite Accidentally Updated with New Backpack

A new Fortnite backpack that tracks the location of a storm was maybe never meant for player eyes.

05/24/2018 - PUBG Introduces Stealthy New Game Mode

Ghillie Crossing uses ghillie suits and crossbows to change the game's pacing.

05/24/2018 - First Free Sea of Thieves Expansion Detailed

The Hungering Deep DLC will feature a character driven campaign, among other things.

05/24/2018 - Death Stranding Might Involve Player Collaboration

Mads Mikkelsen had something interesting to say about the "whole concept" of Kojima's new game, dealing with how people connect.

05/24/2018 - Dark Souls Remastered Unlocks Early on Steam

Dark Souls fans can play the new remaster on Steam a whole day early!

05/24/2018 - H1Z1 Launches on Consoles with 1.5 Million Players

H1Z1's PS4 debut has gone well, reaching over 1.5 million players.

05/24/2018 - Free Tekken 7 DLC Announced to Celebrate Anniversary

A ton of new customization content is coming to Tekken this month, and it is all for free!

05/24/2018 - Battlefield V Officially Unveiled

Battlefield V is set in WWII and launches on October 19, 2018.

05/24/2018 - New Nintendo Trademark Could Mean N64 Classic

After the success of the NES Classic and the SNES Classic, an N64 Classic would only make sense.

05/23/2018 - Red Dead 2 Release Date May be Set in Stone

Take Two CEO promises an October 26, 2018 release date for Red Dead Redemption 2.

05/23/2018 - Mario + Rabbids' Donkey Kong Expansion Unveiled

A new gameplay trailer shows us what to expect from Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle's Donkey Kong Adventure.

05/23/2018 - Sony Hasn't Written Off Future Handhelds

It isn't clear what it would look like, but Sony is experimenting with ideas for a future handheld.

05/23/2018 - Halo: The Master Chief Collection Gets Intelligent Delivery

Custom installations are coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, so people can decide how to update.

05/23/2018 - Koei Tecmo Announces Dead or Alive EVO Showdown

Dead or Alive 5 will be present at EVO as both a side tournament and fan event.

05/23/2018 - Activision Blizzard Announces Big Merchandising Plans

Tons of new Activision Blizzard merchandise will be hitting stores, including Overwatch LEGO sets and goodies for both Crash and Spyro.

05/23/2018 - New Destiny 2 Emote Is Very Expensive

Bungie has, possibly, locked some glamorous content behind a paywall in Destiny 2

05/23/2018 - Microsoft Marks Summer of Arcade Anniversary with Deep Discounts

Games like Braid and Castle Crashers Remastered are now available for low prices.

05/22/2018 - Industry Figure Tommy Tallarico Teasing Huge Announcement

Tommy Tallarico is teasing a major announcement on his official Facebook page he says could change his life forever.

05/22/2018 - Yakuza 3,4, and 5 Remasters Coming to PS4

A set of three Yakuza remasters are coming to PS4 through 2019.

05/22/2018 - Visual Novel Issues on Steam Lead to Moves to GOG

After all the visual novel troubles on Steam, MangaGamer has expanded to GOG.

05/22/2018 - Paladins Strike Creators Admit to Using Overwatch Art

Some suspect outsourcing has led to art assets from Blizzard making their way into Paladins Strike advertising.

05/22/2018 - Nintendo Starting to Ban Switch Hackers from Online Services

A wave of bans might be coming to people working with homebrew on the Nintendo Switch.

05/22/2018 - Epic Games Heavily Funding Fortnite Tournaments

Epic Games says they are very focused on the competitive scene and have $100,000,000 for Fortnite competitions this year.

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