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02/01/2017 - Final Fantasy XII's Balthier Joining World of Final Fantasy

Balthier is going to make World of Final Fantasy much better in the near future.

01/31/2017 - Final Fantasy XII HD Summons a July Release Date

You'll return to Ivalice in more than one way this summer.

01/31/2017 - Hitman: The Complete First Season Is in Stores Today

Rejoice, collectors. Hitman just got physical.

01/31/2017 - Resident Evil 7 Soundtrack Available Digitally

Play this instead of a spooky sound effects CD next Halloween.

01/31/2017 - Two Final Fantasy XV DLC Episodes Dated

Square Enix is running a tight release schedule this year.

01/31/2017 - Fallout 4 Getting Prettier on PS4 Pro and PC

Better resolutions and improved textures are headed to Fallout 4.

01/31/2017 - Pokemon Sun & Moon Players Getting Free Mega Stones

Mega Stones not already in the game are going to be given away in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

01/31/2017 - Conan Exiles Lets You Adjust Character's "Endowment"

You can decide what kind of package your Conan Exiles character is carrying.

01/31/2017 - Celebrate 23 Years of X-COM With a Freebie

Humble's giving away X-COM: UFO Defense.

01/31/2017 - GTA Online's Kuruma Exploit Is Gone

Heists are going to be more difficult in GTA Online now that a money-making exploit is gone.

01/30/2017 - Skate 4 Teased on Twitter

Rise from your (extreme) grave!

01/30/2017 - Namco Founder Passes Away at 91

Masaya Nakamura leaves behind a dazzling legacy.

01/30/2017 - Phantom Dust Port to Release Before E3

Meanwhile, the reboot is still six feet under.

01/30/2017 - Gears of War 4 Gets Competitive Cross-Play

Gears of War 4's competitive multiplayer is experiencing a cross-play test.

01/30/2017 - Corey Seager Makes RBI Baseball 17's Cover

A Dodger is going to help sell RBI Baseball 17.

01/30/2017 - Live Fire and Colony Supply Drops Coming to Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2's February and March add-ons have been announced.

01/30/2017 - Jackal's Joining Rainbow Six Siege

One of Rainbow Six Siege's Velvet Shell's new operators has been introduced.

01/30/2017 - PAX Unplugged Focuses on Board Games This Fall

PAX's newest con is all about unplugged entertainment.

01/27/2017 - Steep Update Adds World Tour Tournament

Compete for glory and credits in this new mode.

01/27/2017 - Don a Classic Helmet in Halo 5 in February

Instead of letting go of the past, wear it proudly on your head.

01/27/2017 - Enter the Gungeon Update Includes 200 New Rooms

It's like a less disgusting, alternate-timeline The Binding of Isaac!

01/27/2017 - QuakeCon 2017 Begins August 24

QuakeCon 2017 isn't DOOM-ed this year. Instead, it's prepared to shake things up.

01/27/2017 - Humble Bundle Gives Away John Wick 2 Tickets

If you buy the latest Humble Bundle, you'll get games and the opportunity to see both John Wick movies.

01/27/2017 - Ace Combat 7 Goes Multiplatform

Every system's taking flight in 2017.

01/27/2017 - This Weekend's All About CoD XP

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered are calling.

01/27/2017 - WWE Champions Has You Matching Gems to Win Matches

How many gems do you need to match to perform a piledriver?

01/26/2017 - Get Muddy with DiRT 4 in June

The off-road racing series is back and dirtier than ever.

01/26/2017 - Ni no Kuni II to Rule On PC

We can't wait to take our second visit to this magical world.

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