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06/26/2017 - Rockstar Modding Drama Results in an OpenIV Comeback

After a public outcry, Rockstar and Take-Two have brought back a Grand Theft Auto V modding platform.

06/26/2017 - Sony Confirms New Sucker Punch Game in Development

Sucker Punch may have skipped E3, but Shuhei Yoshida confirmed a game is coming.

06/23/2017 - Valve Introduces New HTC Vive Controllers: Knuckles

Valve's new HTC Vive controllers might have a funny name, but they're serious business.

06/23/2017 - Titanfall 2 Gets Sixth Round of DLC

Titanfall 2's newest free expansion is The War Games.

06/23/2017 - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds May Come to More Consoles

The Xbox One may not be the only system to get PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

06/23/2017 - Overwatch and Hearthstone to Have Less Duplicate Loot

Blizzard is fixing Overwatch and Hearthstone's Loot Boxes.

06/23/2017 - Destiny 2 Statement Causes Confusion over Recoil

A small gaffe in an interview caused some serious Destiny 2-flavored drama over the PC version.

06/23/2017 - Final Fantasy XIV Could Appear on Other Consoles

Final Fantasy XIV could go to the Xbox One and Switch, if it can be cross-play.

06/23/2017 - Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gets a 15-Minute Tech Demo

Ubisoft's Beyond Good and Evil 2 tech demo gives a better idea of how the hub ship and exploration will work.

06/23/2017 - Europe's Metroid: Samus Returns Special Edition Is Huge

Metroid: Samus Returns' Legacy Edition includes a soundtrack, art book, keychain, and more.

06/22/2017 - Amazon Lists a Switch Skyrim Release Date

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim may be heading to the Nintendo Switch this November!

06/22/2017 - Team Fortress 2 Getting Some Major Buffs and Buffs

Team Fortress 2 is still around, still receiving updates, and now players may get involved.

06/22/2017 - Hitman's 25th Elusive Target Announced: The Fugitive

Hitman's second-to-last Elusive Target , the Fugitive, is in Hokkaido.

06/22/2017 - Skull and Bones Will Have Something for Lone Wolves Too

Skull and Bones single-player experience will be integrated into the multiplayer.

06/22/2017 - Dynasty Warriors 9 Officially Unveiled

Dynasty Warriors 9 officially takes the series into a wide open world.

06/22/2017 - Rumors of L.A. Noire Remaster Ramping Up

Even more tipsters are coming up with information suggesting a L.A. Noire revival.

06/22/2017 - Nintendo Releases Statement Addressing Switch Scarcity

Nintendo has plans to address the Nintendo Switch shortage

06/22/2017 - NBC Announces Rocket League Tournament Broadcast

NBC Sports will host Rocket League's competitive broadcast debut.

06/21/2017 - DDoS Attacks Hit Final Fantasy XIV Servers

DDoS attacks suck, especially when they mess up an expansion's launch.

06/21/2017 - LeSportsac to Release Nintendo-Themed Bags

Carry your things with Nintendo style this fall thanks to LeSportsac.

06/21/2017 - Super Mario Odyssey Involves Capturing, Not Possession

Nintendo took the time to correct a Super Mario Odyssey fan on a newly created meme.

06/21/2017 - Twitch Shares the Blizzard Love

Twitch and Blizzard have some exciting news for fans of both companies, with one of the announcements dealing with freebies!

06/21/2017 - New Hitman Update Removes Denuvo

Hitman's anti-piracy is all gone!

06/21/2017 - Sega Forever Launches June 22

Sega is bring its classic games to mobile devices for free.

06/21/2017 - Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition Coming to Consoles

Pillars of Eternity and its expansions are heading to consoles.

06/21/2017 - PayPal Reveals Steam Summer Sale Date

PayPal stole Valve's thunder in announcing the Steam Summer Sale.

06/20/2017 - Check Origin for Free Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is free through Origin again!

06/20/2017 - Detroit: Become Human to Release in 2018

Detroit: Become Human doesn't have a release date, but it does have a release window.

06/20/2017 - Explore the Moon with Overwatch's New Map

Overwatch's new Horizon Moonbase map shows Winston's origins.

06/20/2017 - Forbes Names Markiplier Top Gaming Influencer

Forbes says Markiplier is best at influencing people who play games.

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