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05/29/2019 - Pokemon Masters, Pokemon Home, and Pokemon Sleep Revealed

Pokemon mobile game and app announcements stole the show at the Pokemon 2019 Press Conference.

05/29/2019 - Death Stranding Preorder Bonuses Revealed

It seems like the PlayStation Store jumped the gun on Death Stranding preorder news.

05/28/2019 - Get Ready to Meet Mortal Kombat 11 DLC Characters

Ready to find out if all of the MK11 DLC rumors are true? Here's hoping The Joker really is playable!

05/28/2019 - Two Pokemon Press Conferences Are Coming Up

Two major Pokemon presentations are coming up, with one being about general properties and the other about the upcoming Switch games.

05/24/2019 - The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Has Been Delayed

People won't get to see Sonic on the big screen in 2019.

05/24/2019 - Rumor: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is the New COD

The next Call of Duty game might have a very familiar name.

05/22/2019 - Mario Kart Tour Details Leak Out

Nintendo has begun a Mario Kart Tour closed beta, and people are already sharing details about the mobile game's racers and gacha system.

05/22/2019 - Free The Sims 4 Doled Out to Origin Members

Now is a good time to call dibs on a free The Sims 4 copy and start controlling people's lives.

05/21/2019 - Terminal Borderlands Fan Will Get to Play Borderlands 3 Early

2K is going to make a Borderlands fan's dream come true.

05/21/2019 - Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Could Arrive at E3 2019

Rumor alert: E3 2019 might bring with it a Final Fantasy VII remake demo people could play at the show or at home.

05/17/2019 - Build and Battle in the Real World With Minecraft Earth

This summer, the closed beta for a new way to play Minecraft will begin.

05/17/2019 - Activision E3 2019 Plans Don't Include a Booth

Another major company is pulling back when it comes to showing things off at E3: Activision.

05/15/2019 - Enjoy a World of Warcraft Classic Throwback in August

Closed stress tests will start in May, while character creation and the full World of Warcraft Classic launch will happen in August.

05/15/2019 - Pokemon Rumble Rush Brings Cute Friends to Phones

Pokemon is going mobile again, this time with a new installment in an established Wii, Wii U, and 3DS series.

05/14/2019 - Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 Are a Success

Both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online are performing well for Rockstar, and the developer has acquired another studio.

05/14/2019 - Gears 5 Release Date Could Be In September 2019

Not only has the Gears 5 release date possibly leaked, but its box art is showing up online too!

05/10/2019 - The New Tom Clancy Game Is Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

The next Ghost Recon game, Breakpoint, is bringing back a character people met in Wildlands.

05/10/2019 - Predator: Hunting Grounds Is Friday the 13th's Successor

Get ready to outwit the Predator on PS4s. Or, to become the gruesome alien.

05/08/2019 - Battlefield V Private Games Coming in Summer 2019

The Battlefield V Rented Server Program has a new name, and it will offer base tools for free!

05/08/2019 - Play Free Minecraft in Your Browser Now

It may be Minecraft's birthday, but players are the ones getting a "gift."

05/07/2019 - Bruce Campbell Debunks MK11 DLC Rumor

"Ash" says he won't be showing up as MK11 DLC, suggesting a datamine leak was false.

05/07/2019 - Ghost Recon May 9, 2019 Announcement Inbound

Love Ghost Recon? Make plans to attend "Skellcon" this week.

05/03/2019 - Borderlands 3 Has Cosmetic-Only Microtransactions

After a lot of fervor and tweets, it has been confirmed that there will be Borderlands 3 microtransactions, but they will be cosmetic.

05/03/2019 - Mass Effect-inspired Subverse Raised Over $2 Million

The latest Kickstarter game success story is super sexy.

05/01/2019 - GTA 6 May Involve San Andreas, Liberty City, and Vice City

Rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 alleged it will mainly be set in Liberty City and Vice City, with some missions supposedly set in San Andreas.

05/01/2019 - The Valve Index VR Kit Costs $999

Valve VR is here, and it's more expensive than any other VR headset bundle on the market.

04/30/2019 - Notch Isn't Invited to the Minecraft Anniversary

Even though Notch made the game, Microsoft isn't inviting him to the Minecraft tenth anniversary festivities.

04/30/2019 - Mortal Kombat 11 Cuts the Grind and Increases the Loot

The Mortal Kombat 11 grind may be gone, thanks to a patch that fixes game modes like Towers of Time.

04/26/2019 - Apex Legends Will Always Only Get Seasonal Updates

Respawn confirmed a commitment to quality over quantity for Apex Legends, and explained no resources will be moved away from it or Star Wars Jedi. But as for Titanfall, well...

04/26/2019 - Epic Will Back Off Exclusives If Value Changes Revenue Split

Epic Games' CEO shared his beliefs about how game sales should work and said his company would back off of exclusives if Valve changed its ways.

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