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07/02/2018 - Jim Carrey to Play Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

Jim Carrey is apparently maybe Dr. Eggman! Did anyone see that coming?

07/02/2018 - Bandai Namco Announces Namco Museum Arcade Pac

Bandai Namco is smashing together its Switch arcade releases into one "Pac."

06/30/2018 - Crash Bandicoot Goes Multiplatform on June 29, 2018

PSA: Crash Bandicoot is coming to the Switch, Xbox One and PC on Friday, complete with some cool bonuses packed in.

06/29/2018 - Drake's "Final Fantasy" Samples Final Fantasy

Let's appreciate Drake's call out to Final Fantasy in his new song, while lamenting a lack of further references.

06/29/2018 - Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void Received "HD Remaster"

The original brand-inspired Yo! Noid inspired a fan-made sequel that was actually good enough to justify a remaster.

06/29/2018 - Hideo Kojima Reveals Death Stranding Tape Mechanic

Fans took notice of a yellow tape in the game's E3 2018 trailer, and Kojima has explained what it means.

06/29/2018 - Niantic Shows Off Powerful, New AR Tech with Pikachu

Niantic's new AR technology is impressive, and it used Pikachu to show it off.

06/29/2018 - The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Is a Kickstarter Success

The Binding of Isaac card game is definitely happening, as its Kickstarter succeeded shortly after launching.

06/29/2018 - Rumor: Google Planning to Enter Gaming Market

Could Google get in the gaming ring with Sony and Microsoft?

06/28/2018 - New Overwatch Character Is a Hamster

Blizzard really is good at giving hints and still surprising players, as proven by Hammond the hamster's debut.

06/28/2018 - Five Nights at Freddy's Ultimate Custom Night Is Out Now

A free, hyper customizable, FNAF game is out now? That sounds good!

06/28/2018 - WWE 2K19 Pre-Order Bonus Will Be Rey Mysterio

The iconic Rey Mysterio is locked behind a pre-order. For wrestling fans, this may be irresistible.

06/28/2018 - New Fortnite Patch Lets Players Wield Two Pistols at Once

It's consistently impressive how much Epic puts into their Fortnite patches, with this new one adding dual-wielded pistols and a Playground.

06/28/2018 - Billy Mitchell Road to Redemption Panel Footage Released

The strange Southern-Fried Gaming Expo panel hosted by Billy Mitchell is now available for viewing.

06/28/2018 - Battlefield V Closed Alpha Test Begins

A Battlefield V closed alpha lets invitees play Conquest and a Grand Operation.

06/28/2018 - QuakeCon 2018 Registrations Starts June 29, 2018

Details for attending QuakeCon 2018 are out, and registration goes live tomorrow.

06/28/2018 - Yo-kai Watch Blasters Is Leaving Japan

A set of new, action-based Yo-kai Watch games are on the way.

06/27/2018 - PUBG's Fortnite Lawsuit Dropped

The PUBG Corp is no longer suing Fortnite developers Epic, as the lawsuit has been withdrawn.

06/27/2018 - GameStop Getting a Quake Champions Special Edition

Quake Champions is coming to GameStop with an exclusive special edition that includes digital and physical goodies.

06/27/2018 - Pinball Arcade Losing Major Licenses This Weekend

Pinball Arcade's license issues are kicking into gear on Saturday, with Bally's and William's tables disappearing.

06/27/2018 - Capcom Drops Guns N’ Roses References in Mega Man X5

Mega Man X5's bosses are going back to "normal" for Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2.

06/27/2018 - Kingdom Come: Deliverance Receives New Hardcore Mode

For some, the new Kingdom Come: Deliverance mode will be a worthy challenge. For others, it might just be too inconvenient.

06/27/2018 - These New Spyro Statues Look Amazing

These expensive Crystal Dragon statues are a good way to celebrate the new Spyro collection.

06/27/2018 - Anthem Won't Restrict Players to Just One Character

It's looking like players are going to be able to customize skill trees atop skill trees and have multiple characters in Anthem.

06/27/2018 - World of Warcraft Content Disappearing for New Expansion

It's out with the old, in with the new. But if you still want to get the rewards from the old in WOW, there's hope.

06/26/2018 - Telltale Games Are Finally Getting a New Engine

The company will now be using the Unity engine, starting with the next season of The Wolf Among Us.

06/26/2018 - You Can Now Play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with Nintendo Labo

It won't make you look all that cool, but Nintendo Labo's cardboard motorcycle Toy-Con looks like a fun Mario Kart 8 Deluxe controller.

06/26/2018 - Mouse and Keyboard Support May Come to Xbox One Soon

It isn't clear how it would be balanced, but extra control options for the Xbox One could be coming.

06/26/2018 - Grand Theft Auto V to Receive Nightclubs

Nightclubs have been something GTA Online players have been wanting for a while, and they will be here, for free, in July.

06/26/2018 - Pillars of Eternity Director Talks Cancelled Aliens RPG

Obsidian once worked on an Aliens RPG, and now we know more about it.

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