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05/16/2018 - Borderlands 3 Won't be at E3

Gearbox's Randy Pitchford tells gamers not to expect any E3 presence for Borderlands

05/16/2018 - STALKER 2 Announced for 2021

STALKER 2 is coming in 2021, and is probably running on Unreal 4.

05/16/2018 - Shenmue 3 Delayed to 2019

Shenmue III has been delayed (again) to 2019.

05/16/2018 - Sony to Stop Production of Vita Cartridges

Sony tells developers that Vita's future is digital only.

05/16/2018 - New Breath of the Wild Glitch Discovered that Recharges Runes

A new glitch has been discovered in Breath of the Wild that blows the rune system wide open.

05/16/2018 - Metro Exodus Delayed to Q1 2019

Metro Exodus has been delayed to early 2019.

05/15/2018 - Nintendo Announces Beta and Bonuses for Mario Tennis Aces

The upcoming beta for Mario Tennis Aces features nine Characters and content for the full release.

05/15/2018 - PUBG Mobile Gets Miramar

The update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile adds a ton of features, but most important is the debut of Miramar.

05/15/2018 - Valve Announces SteamVR Input

SteamVR Input is in beta, which gives users and devs a toolset for controller settings across all SteamVR games.

05/15/2018 - Boss Key Productions Closes Down

Boss Key Productions is shutting its doors after two games, LawBreakers and Radical Heights.

05/15/2018 - Bethesda Talks About Rage 2 Gameplay

Rage 2's new gameplay trailer is full of hints of what to expect, showing off open-world gameplay and vehicular combat.

05/15/2018 - Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Gets Secret DLC

Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn will include some extra content for those who buy a physical copy.

05/15/2018 - F1 2018 Arrives August 24, 2018

F1 2018's release date has been announced, with the game bringing back Career mode and lots of racers and cars.

05/15/2018 - Xbox Accessibility Controller Leaked

An accessibility-minded controller for Xbox One has leaked ahead of E3 2018, but we do not know exactly how it works yet.

05/14/2018 - Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Adds a Map and Costumes

Overwatch is now two years old! This means Blizzard is celebrating with a massive anniversary event adding a new map, new cosmetic items and old event items.

05/14/2018 - Rumor: Nintendo Working on a Star Fox Racing Game

Could Retro Studios be preparing a new Star Fox racing game?

05/14/2018 - Spider-Man Collector Box Available at GameStop

Spider-Man fans can prepare for Insomniac's new game with an assortment of merch from GameStop.

05/14/2018 - Fortnite's Avengers: Infinity War Event Ends Tomorrow

Fortnite fans who want to wield the Infinity Gauntlet better hurry!

05/14/2018 - Monster Hunter Movie to Star Milla Jovovich

The Monster Hunter movie will start shooting in September 2018, and the Resident Evil team is making it.

05/14/2018 - NES Classic Returning in June 2018

The NES Classic will make a comeback on June 29, 2018, so people who missed it get a second chance to play NES games on their TVs again.

05/14/2018 - Nobuo Uematsu Involved with Final Fantasy VII Remake

Nobuo Uematsu is now involved with the Final Fantasy VII Remake in some capacity.

05/14/2018 - Rage 2 Revealed

Walmart Canada wasn't lying - Rage 2 is real and has received its first trailer.

05/11/2018 - Microsoft Expands Its Digital Gift System

Microsoft has added PC content and all Xbox One titles to its digital gifting feature.

05/11/2018 - Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Arrives Early

Crash Bandicoot is coming to Steam, Xbox One, and Switch two weeks early.

05/11/2018 - Sony Announces Its E3 2018 Showcase Details

Sony's E3 Showcase plans for 2018 will focus heavily on four games.

05/11/2018 - Valve Paying Hackers to Find Steam Security Problems

Valve is hiring white hat hackers to find exploits on Steam and make some money in the process.

05/11/2018 - Mega Man: Fully Charged Coming This Fall

The Mega Man cartoon gets a new name, a new station it may appear on, and some other tasty tidbits of information.

05/11/2018 - Shadow of War Mobile Gets New PvP Modes

Middle-earth: Shadow of War on mobile has some new PvP modes for people to enjoy.

05/11/2018 - Rocket League Summer 2018 Roadmap Released

Rocket League has a busy summer ahead of it according to this Psyonix roadmap that offers some great details on the May, June, July and August improvements.

05/11/2018 - Rage 2 Teases Coming Hard and Fast

Rage 2 is almost certainly going to be announced on May 14, if Bethesda's teases are to be believed.

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