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04/19/2017 - Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind's Warden Class Looks Epic

Morrowind, the most recent expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, includes War Bears!

04/19/2017 - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch Removes Fire Hopping Exploit

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch makes some changes to boosting.

04/19/2017 - Persona 5 Soundtrack Released for a Steep Price

Are you willing to pay $30 for video game music?

04/19/2017 - Bandai Namco Files Trademark for Pac-Man Maker

Have you ever wanted to make your own Pac-Man mazes?

04/19/2017 - SNES Classic Edition Rumors Running Wild

Now that the NES Classic Edition has been discontinued, people keep saying the next system will be one inspired by the SNES.

04/19/2017 - Esports Will Be a 2022 Asian Games Medal Event

Ready to go for the gold in games like FIFA and League of Legends?

04/18/2017 - GTA Online Has a New Premium Race and Exclusive Cars

Want some GTA Online exclusive vehicles? Now's your chance!

04/18/2017 - Horizon: Zero Dawn Patch Adds Two New Features

You can now play your own background music while playing Horizon: Zero Dawn!

04/18/2017 - Titanfall 2 DLC Roadmap Released by EA

Titanfall 2 will have tons of new updates, maps, and Titans over the next few months!

04/18/2017 - Bandai Namco’s New Game Is Code Vein

The developers of God Eater are working on a vampire game.

04/18/2017 - Pay to Play in Marvel Heroes Omega's PS4 Closed Beta

Getting to play this free-to-play Marvel game early on PlayStation 4s will cost you.

04/18/2017 - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Latest DLC Launches

Are you prepared to enter the Continuum? I hope you have a PS4, so you can!

04/18/2017 - Remedy's Hinting at Its Next Game

Remedy's latest earning report suggests what the Alan Wake and Quantum Break developer is up to.

04/17/2017 - Heroes of the Storm Introduces Genji and Hanamura

Need more Overwatch in your Heroes of the Storm?

04/17/2017 - Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Comes to Steam April 20

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is spreading its tendrils this week.

04/17/2017 - Plant Trees with Toast on Earth Day

A console cover creator is doing their part this Earth Day and you can help!

04/17/2017 - Nintendo Discontinues NES Classic Edition

It was a good plug-and-play while it lasted, but the NES Classic Edition and its Famicom Mini counterpart have both been discontinued.

04/17/2017 - NieR: Automata’s First DLC Announced

NieR: Automata will be getting a 3C3C1D119440927 add-on with arena challenges and costumes soon.

04/17/2017 - Let’s Look at Star Wars Battlefront II

So much Star Wars Battlefront II information came to light this weekend.

04/17/2017 - Original Tamagotchi Coming Back

The original virtual pet is back, as Bandai Namco is paying tribute to the first Tamagotchis.

04/13/2017 - Diablo III Necromancer Beta Live Now

If you're part of Diablo III's beta testing, you might just be using a Necromancer right now.

04/13/2017 - Here's All the Splatoon 2 News from the Nintendo Direct

We won't get Splatoon 2 until July 21, but there's plenty of news available now!

04/13/2017 - Nintendo Switch Getting Minecraft on May 11

The Switch's eShop is getting Minecraft very soon!

04/13/2017 - Monster Hunter Stories Coming Stateside

Monster Hunter Stories, the Pokemon-version of Monster Hunter, is getting a worldwide release.

04/13/2017 - Final Super Smash Bros. amiibo Have a Release Date

Are you ready for so many versions of Bayonetta, Cloud, and Corrin?

04/13/2017 - ARMS Gets a Release Date and New Character

Fight with Min Min and her friends in June.

04/13/2017 - Xbox One and Windows 10 Self-Service Refunds Coming

Xbox One and Windows 10 gamers are going to have some recourse when it comes to bad digital purchases.

04/12/2017 - Prey Gets a Lengthy Demo

Who wants to play Prey for an hour?

04/12/2017 - Yakuza Kiwami Releases August 29

Yakuza Kiwami, the remake of Yakuza, is going to be extreme!

04/12/2017 - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch Bundle Leaked

The Nintendo Switch's first bundle will include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

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