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02/16/2017 - Former Sony Online Entertainment CEO Heading Amazon Studio

Sony Online Entertainment's John Smedley will be the head of Amazon's new game studio.

02/16/2017 - Final Fantasy XV Getting Cup Noodles DLC

Final Fantasy XV's most ridiculous DLC will undoubtedly be Noctis' Cup Noodle hat.

02/16/2017 - Try Origin Access for Free

It's now possible to try EA's Origin Access free for one week before committing to the subscription service.

02/16/2017 - Microsoft's E3 2017 Press Conference Dated

The Microsoft E3 2017 press conference is June 11, and it seems like Project Scorpio could be the star of the show.

02/16/2017 - MacFarlane Toys Is Making 3 More Destiny Figures

The next three Destiny figures are inspired by in-game events and raids.

02/16/2017 - Final Fantasy XV Survey Asks About DLC

Square Enix wants Final Fantasy XV players to take a survey that asks for feedback on DLC and the game.

02/16/2017 - PlayStation Now Paring Down to the PS4 and PC

PlayStation Now support is ending for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and select other devices.

02/15/2017 - Overwatch Nendoroid Line Begins with Tracer

Forget about the Funko Pop Tracer figure, a far superior Overwatch Nendoroid is coming out in August.

02/15/2017 - Horizon: Zero Dawn's Street Date's Been Broken

Some stores are selling Horizon: Zero Dawn two weeks before its February 28, 2017 launch.

02/15/2017 - Pokemon Go Rolling Out Silver/Gold Characters

Ready to go to Johto? Pokemon Go is adding Pokemon Gold and Silver characters later this week.

02/15/2017 - Watch Dogs 2's Ending Has Been Updated

Ubisoft's latest Watch Dogs 2 patch tweaks the game's ending to hint at a new adventure in a new place.

02/15/2017 - Nioh Gold Farming Is Easy with "A Request from Ginchiyo"

Want to make some easy gold in Nioh? Going through the "A Request from Ginchiyo" sub-mission will hook you up.

02/15/2017 - Rocket League Will Get PlayStation Pro Support Next Week

Rocket League is getting a tune-up so it can offer 4K support and 60 FPS.

02/15/2017 - Darksiders: Warmastered Is Still Coming to the Wii U

Even though other Wii U games are being canceled, Darksiders: Warmastered is still coming to the console.

02/15/2017 - Battlefield 1's New Class Rank Cap Is 50

Battlefield 1’s class rank cap used to be 10, but now it’s 50!

02/15/2017 - Apocalypse Now Game Opens Its Own Funding Site

Even though the Apocalypse Now game is still on Kickstarter and nowhere near its funding goal, American Zoetrope and Erebus have opened a second funding website.

02/14/2017 - Injustice 2 Reintroduces Catwoman, Cheetah, and Poison Ivy

If Swamp Thing counts as Injustice 2's beast, then the four women in the game's latest announcement are definitely its beauties.

02/14/2017 - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Has a Season Pass

$20 will get you all of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's add-ons.

02/14/2017 - Sonic the Hedgehog Announcements Coming at SXSW

We're going to hear more about Sonic Mania and Sonic 2017 next month.

02/14/2017 - People Hack NES Classic to Play SNES and Genesis Games

Hackers have gotten the RetroArch emulator running on the NES Classic Edition.

02/14/2017 - Costume Quest's Transforming into a Cartoon

Kids will protect their hometown by wearing powerful costumes in an upcoming Costume Quest cartoon.

02/14/2017 - Injustice 2 Adds Swamp Thing

Injustice 2 is getting in touch with DC Comics' roots and adding Swamp Thing to the cast.

02/14/2017 - Make Your Smartwatch Look Like Resident Evil 7's Codex

A fan has made a Pebble watchface that looks exactly like the smartwatch Ethan wears in Resident Evil 7.

02/14/2017 - Humble Bundle’s Latest Bundle Benefits the ACLU

The Humble Freedom Bundle is a one week, $30 bundle of over 45 games benefiting the ACLU, Doctors without Borders, and the International Rescue Committee.

02/14/2017 - Disney and YouTube Fire PewDiePie

PewDiePie has been dropped by Maker Studios and YouTube Red for his antisemitic videos.

02/13/2017 - Ultra Street Fighter II Gives Us First-Person Fights

Ultra Street Fighter II's Unleash HaDOken mode will let people fight their opponents from a first-person perspective.

02/13/2017 - Nintendo's Supporting the 3DS into 2018

Nintendo wants to keep using the 3DS as a way to reach both children and new players of all ages.

02/13/2017 - Sega's Reprinting the First Four Yakuza Games

Are you ready to pay $50 for some PlayStation 2 games? That's what the Yakuza and Yakuza 2 reprints cost.

02/13/2017 - Rumor Has It NES Classic Production's Ending

Nordic retailers are saying the NES Classic's life span is coming to a close.

02/13/2017 - Steam Direct Will Replace Steam Greenlight

Steam users won't have a say in what gets on Steam after this spring.

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