Adam Orth Says "F*** Halo"

A recent IM conversation between God of War creator David Jaffe and Sony designer Adam Orth had some very strong language vilified the Halo franchise as well as the hype behind Microsoft's cash cow.

The conversation, which Jaffe posted on his blog, has the duo expressing confusion over how popular Halo is. 

Jaffe: ...I just don't get HALO. I don't think the story is all that special, don't think the world or characters matter much. I don't know if I am simply not 'getting it' and it really is all that...or Microsoft has simply purchased rabid fan reactions for what is a great game but nothing more.

Adam: that ad is insulting
come on

Jaffe: Am I missing something?
What's insulting about it?

Adam: well, for 1, i think it's disrespectcful to actual veterans of real wars
and 2, they really expect people to become that invested in the halo story?
i guess i just really dislike halo and that ad aint helping

Jaffe: well that's what I mean about buying the hype. I don't dislike Halo at all and really liked parts of Halo 2 alot...I am in minority who felt single player halo 2 was better than halo 1 single player. I mean, I hear people talk about the flood and s*** and I'm like: what? Who gives a s***.

Adam: halo = meh

After more discussion about war, veterans, and Medal of Honor, the duo continue with the portion that has raised the ire of Master Chief lovers everywhere.

Jaffe: Hey- can I post this discussion on my blog if I don't put your name>?

Adam: you can post my name...

Jaffe: sweet-...sadly it will rile up halo fans...hope they see that I DO LIKE HALO! I just don't get the religious fervor and feel much of the fervor has been purchased by Microsoft. But they'll still hate me

Adam: f*** halo

We have to hope that rabid Halo fanboys don't descend upon them with their cosplay Spartan armor on. 


by news_editor
09/13/2007 08:54AM


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