Diablo III Adding 100 New “Paragon” Levels
Diablo III

So you’ve finished Diablo III. You’ve beaten the dark lord of Hell on every difficulty, from normal up through Inferno. You’ve gotten loot with the theoretical maximum stats and your character is a walking purveyor of destruction, the bane of demons the world ‘round. What’s left for you to do other than go back and do it again for loot to sell?

How ‘bout 100 more levels?

Blizzard has announced that they plan to add a new leveling system for characters who’ve already hit level 60. At this point, experience gained will go toward “Paragon” levels, which will grant the stat buffs one would expect with a level, but will also provide the player with increased Magic Find and Gold Find (specifically, 3% per level). The intention is to remove the dependency players have on loot for Magic and Gold Find, allowing them to focus on their combat ability instead.

As for how long levels will take, the journey to Paragon level 1 is supposed to be as long as that from level 59 to 60, and the path up to 100 is slated to take as long as reaching level 99 in Diablo II. To help ease the pain, Nephalem Valor will now provide a 15% XP bonus per stack, but players are still looking at a long journey.

by Shelby Reiches
08/20/2012 02:55PM


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