Psychonauts Coming To PSN

When you think of PS2 classics, several games probably come to mind. Final Fantasy X, God of War, even the first few Ratchet and Clank games. However, if you are a bit of a gaming hipster with a taste for the things the crazier indie studios cook up, then you probably remember Double Fine’s Psychonauts, a quirky tale about a runaway psychic youth and his journey into the minds of his psychic summer camp friends.

Good news for fans of Double Fine’s first hit indie game: Psychonauts is now coming to the PSN as a PS2 Classic. According to a resent U.S. PlayStation Blog post, the game will be available come August 28, next Tuesday.

Unfortunately, it seems like this is a direct port, not a HD remix of any sort. The post didn’t mention any extras or additional content. Still, Psychonauts doesn’t need bells and whistles to sell as a PS2 classic. Jumping into abstract mental worlds filled with meat is more than enough to make this game a must buy.

by Angelo M. D'Argenio
08/24/2012 11:50AM


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