Dead Island Riptide Gets New Details, Coming 2013
Dead Island Riptide

New details are in for Dead Island Riptide, the follow-up to the original Dead Island that was announced earlier this summer, and it appears that the original survivors from the first zombiefest are not in the clear just yet.

Just as those unlucky zombie slayers think they’re safe, a massive monsoon whales the island, transforming the environment from an urban paradise to a swampy lagoon, and stranding players once again. Streets will be flooded, and buildings will be destroyed, but the undead will remain, just as hungry as they were before.

Gunplay will be familiar to anyone who played the first game, but new weapons like C4, propellers, and certain traps will try to spruce things up a bit. Other known additions at this time include a fifth character, who will have a new skillset; a new weather system; and new hub defense missions, which will task players with defending a particular point from zombie hordes.

Other than that, there will still be a strong emphasis on cooperative multiplayer fun, and players will also be able to import their characters from the first game.

Publisher Deep Silver makes it clear that Riptide is not a traditional sequel, but more of a continuation of the original title’s tale. Think of it as the ODST to Dead Island’s Halo 3.

Dead Island Riptide is out sometime in 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

by Jeff Dunn
08/31/2012 01:05PM


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