Guild Wars 2 Digital Sells Out?
Guild Wars 2

Back in the olden days of gaming, it wasn’t entirely unheard of that a store could be sold out of the game you wanted to purchase, particularly if it was a highly anticipated one from a company that still hadn’t grasped the concept that millions of people wanted to buy its game. Now, though, companies always send out a surplus of physical copies and, with digital distribution, “selling out” is supposed to be less of a thing, right?

NCSoft and Arena.Net don’t seem to think so. Following on the successful launch of Guild Wars 2, the digital edition of the game is listed as “sold out” on its own website, directing would-be buyers to their “retail partners,” most of whom also lack the digital goods. The suggestion also holds that one might still find a physical copy of the game in stores.

Why the capped key limit? Ensuring a quality experience, says the corporate-speak, but what does that mean? We’ll be taking a closer look at that later this week.

by Shelby Reiches
09/04/2012 04:45PM


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