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There was much rejoicing at E3 when Sony announced that their PSOne Classics line would be making its way to the Vita this summer. The elation had abated somewhat when the promised update failed to materialize until it was almost fall, but that was okay. We’d still get access to all those great games we’d already purchased, right? Well, yes, but not right away. At first, there’d only be an extremely limited list of games in North America, while Europe and Japan were practically inundated with releases.

It was infuriating.

Sony has been quietly rolling out segments of that back catalogue, though, every couple of weeks or so. Suddenly, though, it appears we’ve hit the mother lode. A tremendous array of Square Enix and Capcom games have gone up for purchase, including the missing Final Fantasy titles (VIII and IX, as well as PSOne versions of I&II, VI, and Tactics), both Chrono Trigger and its spiritual sequel, Chrono Cross, as well as the seminal Xenogears.

There are Resident Evil games and there are Mega Man titles and, fitting with the horror theme of this month, both Parasite Eve games as well, which means you can now play the entire series on your Vita, on the go.

It’s taken a while, and there are still many games to come, but this is a terrific update. It’s just too bad they were put out with no fanfare, as though simply dumped unceremoniously on our doorsteps.

by Shelby Reiches
10/09/2012 05:10PM


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