Insomniac Defends Fuse, Releases New Details

Insomniac Games turned some heads last month when they all of a sudden decided that their work in progress Overstrike would now be called Fuse. Oh yeah, and it would be losing its lighthearted cartoony aesthetic for something a bit more gritty.

Well, the fan reaction wasn’t exactly pretty. Still, Insomniac is holding to their guns on this, and I’m pretty sure they’re doing the right thing. You see, I got to sit down on a conference call with Insomniac’s Ted Price and Doug Sheahan earlier today. Price explained how every game changes throughout the development process, only Overstrike/Fuse’s change was more public than most.

In Price’s own words, “Every intellectual property changes along the way. Fuse is absolutely no exception. Ratchet was totally different when it started. So was Resistance. Fuse made a very public shift.”

Additionally, the studio released a video today that gives us more insight into each of the four main characters, as well as making us a little more familiar with the game’s skill tree system. So why don't you put your peepers on that video? It’s eighteen whole minutes of Fuse goodness.

And for more details on that conference call, check out our full write-up on that.

by Josh Wirtanen
10/22/2012 05:05PM


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