Second Darksiders II DLC In Time For Halloween

What better way to welcome in the ghouls and ghosts of Halloween than with a little more time spent in Death’s shoes? Following on the Argul’s Tomb DLC that came out last month, available free to all those who purchased the Limited Edition of the game, THQ is releasing The Abyssal Forge, named for a living machine that harnesses the dark power of the Abyss to create powerful, legendary weapons. Built by the Mad Smith, a member of the race of Makers that populate the Forge Lands in Darksiders II, it was sealed away along with him in the Shadow Lands.

Now it’s made an army, which aims to take its creator’s revenge on all of creation.

Swamp-themed, with entirely new enemies to combat, The Abyssal Forge’s new zone, two dungeons, and legendary loot should by a perfect challenge for gamers who want a different way to Trick or Treat. It will be available for $9.99 or the Microsoft Point equivalent on Tuesday, October 30 (except for European PS3 players, who will receive it a day later). Those with the Season Pass will presumably receive it at no additional cost.

by Shelby Reiches
10/25/2012 03:35PM


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