Team Fortress 2 Goes All Halloweeny Again
Team Fortress 2

As always, Team Fortress 2 is giving its fans a huge Halloween update that’s guaranteed to scare your pants off. If you were wearing pants in the first place, that is.

What does the Halloween update bring this year? Zombies, of course! The virus form Left 4 Dead seems to have leaked into Team Fortress 2, infecting most of the cast. The result is a new Wave 666 Mann vs. Machine map, where the machines are replaced with zombified cast members of the opposing team! Spooky!

In addition, this new update introduces the Wheel of Fate to control point maps. Now, when a control point is captured, the wheel of fate spins and causes any number or random effects to occur to your team. You could get lucky and get a bonus, or you all could die instantly. Do you feel like testing your luck? You don’t really have much of a choice.

Finally, this update will introduce magic potions as a brand new drop, which allow you to enchant your items and make them do cool things like shift colors, produce fire in your wake, and even summon ghosts.

The event began on the 26th and lasts until November 8.

by Angelo M. D'Argenio
10/29/2012 01:00PM


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