Ubisoft Gets Their Far Cry In Your Minecraft

Prepare for a brightly colored, blocky island dystopia. In preparation for the release of Far Cry 3, Ubisoft has done players of Minecraft a solid and released a texture pack for the resource-hunting, block-building, creeper-slaying hit, free of charge to all those who own the base game.

In addition to Far Cry 3-themed skins and textures, the pack also includes new environments, weapons, and tools, including specific locations and characters from Far Cry 3, presented in block-based form in Minecraft’s malleable world. Ubisoft has gone a step further and hidden upwards of 50 Easter eggs in the map, which should provide added incentive for those anticipating the upcoming shooter to try out this pack.

It’s an unusual marketing tactic, attempting to bridge two genres that don’t necessarily play together in a particularly intuitive manner, but it’s also blessedly innovative. What better way to get gamers interested in your product than to tie it to something they already love, forge that emotional connection? Far Cry 3, meanwhile, will be out on Tuesday, December 4.

by Shelby Reiches
10/29/2012 02:15PM


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