Gearbox Working On Graveyard Fix For Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2

The Graveyard glitch, named for the way in which it renames your save file once you’ve been compromised, is a pandemic that has been spreading throughout the Xbox 360 version of the Borderlands 2 community. The bug, after renaming your save file to Graveyard.sav, will then boot you to the main menu should you die and fail to achieve a Second Wind. In essence, it’s character permadeath.

Originally released by modders who were exploring code on the Borderlands 2 disc, the Graveyard glitch (or virus) is apparently remnant code from a “Hardcore” mode Gearbox was toying around with, except now it spreads to other accounts like a disease. Shades of the World of Warcraft epidemic, anyone?

Gearbox has already submitted a patch to Microsoft, which should prevent the issue from affecting people in the future. As for those already infected? Gearbox suggests exiting your sessions by way of the “Save and Quit” option from the menu. If booted to the main menu after dying, immediately select “Continue.”

And to the sorrowful individuals who’ve already lost a character to this mess? Gearbox has yet to respond.

by Shelby Reiches
10/29/2012 02:40PM


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