Cliffy B Offers To “Fix” Resident Evil
Resident Evil 6

Cliff Bleszinski, in his time at Epic, became the face of the company. Loud and charismatic, he had worked on the Unreal series and was the driving force behind the massively popular Gears of War series, but left the developer earlier this year to get a break from a business he’d been involved in for twenty years.

It looks like he may already want back in.

Though our own Adam Dodd enjoyed Resident Evil 6, the latest in the horror franchise has been drawing critical flak for being “bloated.” It has been accused of betraying its roots as a survival horror franchise in favor of becoming yet-another-third-person-shooter, which it doesn’t do in an especially elegant manner. Cliffy B, in a post on Twitter, has offered to help “fix” the Resident Evil series:

“Hey, Capcom. Call me. We can fix Resident Evil. Together. :-)”

Is he being facetious? Yes, most likely, but it would still be a really interesting pairing.

by Shelby Reiches
10/29/2012 02:40PM


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