Capcom’s Earnings Jump 355%

Everyone complains about Capcom. Street Fighter X Tekken was a money grab, Resident Evil 6 isn’t scary, waahwaaahwaah. Well, it looks like these complainers are actually just part of a vocal minority, because Capcom is actually raking in the profits.

Capcom’s profits surged up to 51.3 million dollars on $570 million of revenue, an increase of 355% from their last figures. Capcom cited Dragon’s Dogma as a major source of their success, exceeding expectations and shipping over one million units worldwide. They claimed Resident Evil 6 as an epic win as well, shipping over 4.5 million units. So no matter how much you complain about it, Resident Evil 6 is one of Capcom’s best selling games, which means we will be seeing more games like it in the future.

Everything else has been steady going for Capcom, as their other titles have been enjoying “steady growth” and “stable popularity.” So next time you disapprove of Capcom, vote with your money, not with your mouths. Me, I’ll keep on enjoying Resident Evil 6 and continue to hope that Capcom eventually releases a new Mega Man game.

by Angelo M. D'Argenio
10/31/2012 12:25PM


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