Sony Launches PlayStation Store Redesign

Last night, you may have noticed that going to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 will prompt you for a software update. This is because Sony launched their new redesign of the store last night, complete with a brand new interface.

The store now uses bigger menus, with easy access to the ability to search and redeem codes. The menus use bigger pictures and can now sort content by key words. For example, you can browse all content related to Resident Evil at once. This includes all Resident Evil movies, all Resident Evil games available for download, all Resident Evil avatars and themes, and all DLC add-ons for both disc-based and downloadable Resident Evil titles. You can also easily browse through sales, PlayStation Plus titles, and more.

The PlayStation Store has needed an update for some time, as more and more content has become available for download. Now the store offers PSP, PSV, and PS3 games, as well as a host of demos, movies, TV shows, and more.

Under the old menu, players would frequently find redundant headings, making it a bit hard to browse through PS Store content. This new update, on the other hand, seems to make store navigation much easier.

You would think this update comes a bit late, considering we are all expecting Sony to unveil a new console next year. However, if the Vita can be used as an example, Sony will likely use the same store across all new consoles in the future.

by Angelo M. D'Argenio
11/02/2012 03:45PM


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