RUMOR: PS4 Dev Kits Shipped Out

We all know that the next generation of game consoles is coming. Nintendo got the jump on everyone with the Wii U, but Sony and Microsoft are going to follow suit soon enough.

According to VG 247, Sony’s “PlayStation 4” dev kits are now shipping off to developers. There are four versions of this dev kit. The first version was just a graphics card. The current version is a modified PC that can run proto-software. Come January, a version close to final design spec will be going out, and a fully finalized version will hit sometime “next summer,” hopefully before E3 this year. This also coincides with the supposed time frame for Sony’s announcement of this new console.

Supposedly, Sony has learned from their launch of the PS3 and has decided to make a new console that is “very affordable” but “isn’t a slouch.” So we most likely won’t be seeing a $599 price tag again. Sony’s “ultimate goal” was to make a console that can run 1080p games in 60 frames per second in 3D without any issue. It seems as though Sony is seriously committed to putting 3D gaming on the home console market. A risky gamble considering 3D has mostly faded from the public spotlight for every console except the 3DS.

by Angelo M. D'Argenio
11/05/2012 11:55AM


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