MMOs, MOBAs, And NSFW Do Not Mix

It began in the middle of October, when League of Legends player Slooshi took a break from livestreaming a round of the free-to-play MOBA to engage in some “private” and “personal” time. Unfortunately, he forgot to shut down the stream while he “explored” and, as such, both his choice of material and resulting activities were broadcast to those watching the stream.

TwitchTV deleted his account, but he was reinstated after apologizing and asserting that it was an accident.

Now, World of Warcraft player murdaralph has taken things a step farther. After streaming a session of Mists of Pandaria, Ralph closed the game and went to bed. His significant other joined him. So did his webcam and everyone watching his livestream. murdaralph forgot to shut down his stream or turn off his camera, resulting in his and his lady’s bed-time activities being broadcast over TwitchTV. His account has also been shut down.

Interestingly, both individuals responded to their gaffes by playing them up for infamy, with Slooshi engaging in a tongue-in-cheek AMA on Reddit while murdaralph answered questions in the comment section of his feed and raised an apology-titled donation meter (likely intended to buy a gift for his less-than-enthused partner-in-crime) before his account was removed.

by Shelby Reiches
11/05/2012 02:25PM


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