Valve Working On New Source Engine, New Controllers, And More

Recently, Valve invited a group of fans to visit the company’s Washington studio. The group, which was made up of several members, experienced an hour-long Q and A session where Gabe Newell himself was significantly more candid than we have seen him be with the press.

Newell wouldn’t take any questions about Half-Life 3, but he did open the floor to talk about future Valve projects. He was asked about whether or not the company was working on a new Source engine and responded by saying that the team “has been working on engine stuff for a while.”

Fans also asked him about the “Steam Controllers” that had recently leaked onto the Internet. Newell revealed that Valve is, in fact, working on controller designs and was currently testing three.

“The reason we’re doing controllers is we didn’t think there was enough interesting innovation going on, and there are a bunch of reasons why we think that is happening,” Newell said. “Even though we’ve never thought of ourselves as that, now we’re trying to tackle the problems of designing controllers and games at the same time, and we’re also trying to figure out how the Steam experience can extend into living rooms.”

Source: LambdaGeneration

by Angelo M. D'Argenio
11/12/2012 01:35PM


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