Zenimax Studios Releases Elder Scrolls Online Behind-The-Scenes Video
The Elder Scrolls: Online

Zenimax Studios has recently posted a brand new video documentary about the production of The Elder Scrolls Online. The short video walks you through some basic gameplay footage and gives fans a look at the game’s graphics engine. It definitely doesn’t look quite as good as Skyrim, but it certainly is one of prettier MMO projects out there. The video also goes over the game’s combat, describing it as an “Elder Scrolls” combat system that employs the active usage of blocking and attacking in real time.

The video also goes over Zenimax’s new MegaServer technology. Instead of hosting the game on several different servers, like most MMOs, ESO is hosted on one big virtual server. This allows Elder Scrolls Online to automatically search for your friends and guild-mates and place you all in the same game space. Players won’t need to constantly migrate from server to server just to play with their in-game friends.

As it stands, players will only be able to select between one of nine races and multiple classes. However, the rest of the game is fully customizable. Your abilities, armor type, and weapon type, are fully swappable. You can be, for example, a heavily armored tank/archer. Or you could be a rogue who sneaks around the battlefield healing your allies. You could also be a light-armored damage-truck with a two-handed weapon. On top of that, there will also be perks that can turn you into a werewolf or vampire, or grant you several other interesting abilities.

Finally, the video talked about “Adventure Zones,” which are essentially this game’s version of an instance. These zones are geared toward players who have finished leveling to 50. At this point you can choose to enter PVP or guild raids. Or you can participate in several PVE scenarios that either call for humongous armies, or brave adventurers who are willing to solo a heroic quest.

Source: Zenimax Studios

by Angelo M. D'Argenio
11/12/2012 01:40PM


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