Microsoft Giving Away Avatar Helmets for Tenth Anniversary
Xbox 360


Earlier this week, we received reports that certain Xbox LIVE members had received a special edition Xbox 360 console in celebration of the service’s 10th anniversary. The console has a green, and orange motif, much like the Xbox dash board, and will not be released in stores. However, simply being a loyal 10-year Xbox user doesn’t seem to be enough to receive the console. I know, I am one, and I’m still using a standard Xbox 360 slim. 


However, Microsoft has recently unveiled another subscriber reward, an Xbox 360 Avatar helmet (that looks kind of like the head of Canti from FLCL with an X over the face). The helmet doesn’t seem to be reserved for 10-year subscribers, as reports have come in saying people who have had Xbox LIVE for as little as five years have been receiving the helmet. Then again, certain 10 year subscribers aren’t. What exactly are the criteria that determine whether or not you get a present from Microsoft? Is this a Santa Claus sort of scenario? Does Microsoft give consoles and avatar helmets to the good little long term subscribers, and copies of Bomberman: Act Zero to the bad ones?

Source: IGN

by Angelo D'Argenio
11/16/2012 10:55AM


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