New Pokedex Hits Japanese iOS Devices
Pokemon White Version 2


There are tons of unofficial Pokedex applications on the iTunes App Store, but a new official Nintendo app has just blown them out of the water. Pokedex for iOS is a brand new app that allows you to sort through all 600+ Pokemon, seeing all their different forms, types, statistics, and more. You will be able to sort the Pokemon as you choose, search for specific Pokemon, and view models rendered in 3D. You can also flip and rotate these models as much as you’d like, or just let them wander around your screen behaving naturally. Does this mean we can finally figure out what the underground portion of Diglett looks like?


The app can be purchased for 170 yen, approximately two dollars American, but only includes Pokemon 494-647 (the latest generation). The rest of the Pokedex is available in three separate sets costing 500 Yen (approximately six dollars American) apiece. That’s 20 dollars for a full Pokedex that rivals Pokedex 3D Pro for the 3DS.

Currently, the app is only available in Japanese regions. Nintendo has not yet announced whether or not we’ll see it released on the North American App store. However, those of you who have a Japanese App Store account, or a jailbroken machine, should be able to download it just fine.

Just be sure you can read Japanese.

Sources: Kotaku, Japanese iTunes Store

by Angelo D'Argenio
11/16/2012 11:00AM


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