MechWarrior Gets A Mechsgiving Update
Mechwarrior Online


MechWarrior Online is a game that’s been in open beta for about a month now, but its developers are certainly treating it like a full retail release. Unlike other devs, the MechWarrior team has been supporting it with new content and special events. For example, this week is Mechsgiving, and the team is giving testers something to be thankful for: a new mech! The mech is called the Cataphract and is a very aggressive, mobile mech with jump jets and decent armor. The new update will also introduce the “Frozen City at Night” environment, which will give testers more space to try out their new mech’s vertical leap. Finally, the update will introduce new targeting modules and the Beagle Active Probe, a device that increases a mech’s sensor range.


To truly celebrate Mechsgiving, however, you’ll have to join the Piranha Games staff on their holiday stream, which will hit the net today on at 6PM PST. They will be showing off all the new content and you’ll have an opportunity to pester them with your questions via a live chatting service.

Happy Mechsgiving Everyone!

Source: MechWarrior Online

by Angelo D'Argenio
11/21/2012 11:35AM


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