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A product of the schism created in the Pen & Paper realm when Wizards of the Coast unveiled Dungeons & Dragons’ fourth edition, Paizo’s Pathfinder system is an intricate and enjoyable system that aims to provide players of D&D’s previous iteration, the 3.5 edition, with a host of refinements and new content. Then, last summer, a Kickstarter was launched by Goblinworks Inc. to build a tech demo for a Pathfinder MMO. The resulting donations sextupled its goals and, since then, the project has found industry backing.


That said, Goblinworks has now launched a Kickstarter for the game proper, and is seeking $1 million in pledges. The eventual goal is to create a “sandbox” MMO, which will provide its players with immense freedom in what they do in a world that will, according to their pitch, never leave the gamer without things to do. It’s a tall order. In essence, the Pathfinder MMO would allow gamers to plays as the Game Master to their own character, but the idea is compelling enough that, as of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign already sits at $127,000, with 47 days left to go.

Since the game already has backing, even a failed Kickstarter is unlikely to result in its demise. Howeverm meeting its goal, or exceeding it and hitting its stretch goals, will result in a decreased development time and increased community input into how it develops. This is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Source: Kickstarter

by Shelby Reiches
11/28/2012 03:25PM


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