Sony Patents New Hybrid DualShock Move Controller


It seems the age of modularity has arrived.

Sony has patented a design that many fans (including myself) have been talking about since the Wii first came out. The design lays out a “Hybrid Separable Motion Controller”. Essentially, imagine a standard PS3 DualShock controller. Now, split it right down the middle and throw a PS Move ball at the top of each half.


Each side of the controller will have motion sensors and vibration feedback. The controller will even have an embedded speaker to play audio. The controller will be easy to separate, even during gameplay, and can actually detect whether or not it has been taken apart. This makes it very simple to separate for motion controlled games and put together for more classically controlled games, although it might be a bit awkward to hit the shoulder triggers when there are giant honking lights sticking out of your controller.

Sony has not announced any plans for this controller, yet. Right now it only exists in the form of a patent. Though, it would be cool if this were what we could expect out of the PlayStation 4.

Hopefully they’ll make those lights smaller…

Source: The Sixth Axis

by Angelo D'Argenio
11/30/2012 11:40AM


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