Anthology Collections Abound Overseas; North America Left To Fester
Assassin's Creed Anthology


I have a tremendous soft spot in my heart for anthologies. The idea of having an entire series purchasable as one cohesive edition is enough to make me rub my hands with glee while cackling maniacally. As such, I was intrigued when I saw that a Cave Collection had been unveiled for the Xbox 360. The collection consists of seven of the sh’mup company’s titles on the console, ranging from Akai Katana to Deathsmiles and its sequel. I wasn’t entirely surprised, though, when I discovered that this compilation was intended for Japan only, where it retails for the equivalent of over $300 (it does include a pair of fancy booklets, though). A bit steep, perhaps?


In comparison, the Assassin’s Creed Anthology is practically generous. Out today, Ubisoft’s bundle consists of every console entry in the series, including Altair’s initial outing, every edition starring fan favorite Ezio Auditore, and even the just-released Assassin’s Creed III. In addition to the games themselves, the anthology includes their DLC and the “Season Pass” for ACIII. In the realm of the physical, it has five lithographs and a steel book case. It has been released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Europe for the equivalent of about $200. As of yet, there are no plans for a North American edition.

Sources: Siliconera/Cinema Blend

by Shelby Reiches
11/30/2012 03:45PM


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