Fable II Pulled from Xbox LIVE Marketplace
Fable 2


Fable fans might have noticed something strange the other day; the classic Lionhead studios game, Fable II, has suddenly disappeared from Xbox LIVE. Not only is it no longer available for purchase, players who have previously bought the game cannot re-download it. Attempting to re-download only results in an error, and it is no longer listed on Xbox.com. 


However, here’s something even more strange going on. The game’s expansions, Knothole Island, and See the Future, are both still available to download, but the game itself isn’t. Anyone who has already installed the game will be able to continue playing with all functionality retained. Not only that, but Fable I, and Fable III are still available for purchase.

So what’s going on here? No one knows. Neither Lionhead Studios or Microsoft has commented on the situation yet. We will bring you more information on Fable II’s mysterious Xbox LIVE disappearance as it becomes available.

Source: Gamespot

by Angelo D'Argenio
12/03/2012 12:00PM


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