Steam’s Big Picture Release Trumpeted By Sale
Alan Wake's American Nightmare


Steam’s Big Picture mode, the software solution for those who wish to hook their computers up to a television and play their games in oversized glory, is out of beta as of today. To celebrate the release, Valve is hitting us with a week-long Steam sale, just after the fresh-in-our-minds Thanksgiving sale.

The sale consists of games that the service has deemed its most “controller friendly.” These titles can be played without, or with minimal use of, a mouse and keyboard. It’s a fairly extensive list, and everything on it ranges from 33 percent to 75 percent off, including AAA titles like Alan Wake as well as independent hits such as Braid and Limbo. There are also odd experiments you might never have heard of, such as Wanderlust and Wizorb, and pretty much every LEGO game, save Lord of the Rings, is accounted for.


With the holiday sale most likely just around the corner, though, is Steam taking too big a toll on gamers’ wallets? It will be interesting to see how these prolific opportunities for low-priced goods affects overall digital sales for the season.

Source: Steam

by Shelby Reiches
12/03/2012 03:00PM


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