PS3 Version Of Mass Effect 1 Has Technical Issues
Mass Effect Trilogy Collection


Finally, PlayStation 3 owners can find out what they've missed out on in Mass Effect 1, thanks to the Mass Effect Trilogy. And, just to ensure a faithful port, some naughty technical issues have also been included.

Remember those awful load times? Apparently, they've made a return. Frame rate and texture-pop in issues have also been included. 

The cause for the problem is, to say the least, extremely confusing. Mass Effect 1 is more than capable of running on the PlayStation 3 hardware. Granted, this isn't the first time that a game in the Mass Effect franchise had performance issues on the Sony console. It should be noted that the original Mass Effect wasn't exactly smooth on the Xbox 360 either. Long load times and the occasional pop-in plagued my experience back at the game's initial launch. 


While PS3 owners are finally happy to play through the entire trilogy without the aid of a comic, it's disappointing that the performance is less than optimal. At least it'll divert some of your anger from driving the Mako.

by Jake Valentine
12/05/2012 01:55PM


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