Mercedes Lackey Calls The Shutdown Of City Of Heroes "Entirely Unethical”
City of Heroes


Mercedes Lackey, an extremely prolific fantasy author with over 80 works to her name, is more than a little upset at NCsoft, the Korean publisher that canned its eight-year-old MMO, City of Heroes, and dissolved the development team behind it. In an interview with The Korea Times, Lackey, who had been instrumental in organizing a 31-page pitch document to Disney urging them to buy City of Heroes at the zero hour mark, stated that cancelling the game, which was still making a profit, was “entirely unethical.”


Lackey has a personal connection to the game in question. Back when Paragon was first introducing the Mission Architect content, which allowed players to craft their own story arcs, she was tapped for publicity and explained that characters she had created and met in the game had been the inspiration for some of those in her novels. She even cites her interaction with other players as having improved her capacity for writing dialogue, since the interactions forced her to adlib effectively.

Source: The Korea Times

by Shelby Reiches
12/06/2012 03:00PM


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