Nintendo Sells Over 1.75 Million Systems In November
Wii U


Whether or not hardcore gamers want to admit it, the Wii easily won the console war last generation, putting another notch in Nintendo’s belt. And, if last month’s black Friday means anything, then Nintendo is poised to be king this generation as well. Even though the developer was purposely holding back stock of Wii U’s, Nintendo sold over 1.75 million systems this November. Of course, that includes Wii Us, Wiis, 3DSes, and DSes. In fact, Nintendo’s older consoles sold just as well if not better than their newer consoles. Weird eh?


On the software side, New Super Mario Bros. U is easily the Wii U’s best seller. The game sold 243,000 units, which means that over 60 percent of Wii U owners picked up the title. Mario Kart 7 has now sold two million units in its lifetime on the 3DS, which makes it the first game to reach that milestone on the system.

We will have to wait until next year to see what Microsoft and Sony have planned for their next generation consoles, and even then we’ll probably have to wait yet another year before they hit the market. So the Wii U has one hell of a head start on the competition.

Source: Gameindustry

by Angelo D'Argenio
12/07/2012 12:05PM


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